Lately I've been trying to clean up my hard drive and get rid of things that are just taking up space.

...Yes, a little late for my spring cleaning, but it needs to be done...

So I've gone through old files and I came across my photos I shot in France last October (...the day before fall break, I decided I wanted to go somewhere, so I took a spontaneous trip with my dad to the south of France). I don't think I ever did anything with these photos besides use the door images for my photo project for class

...come to think of it, I should probably post those just for memory sake...

I absolutely love to travel and experience new things. If I had my way, I would travel the world photographing people from all different cultures. So, France--check! Rest of the world--I'll see you one day!
 If you know me, you know I have an obsession with scarves. I was in HEAVEN! They had the cutest scarves at the market! It took a lot not to buy too many...
 Grandma-ma with her baguette and newspaper for the day.
The windows to my first hotel. Absolutely adorable!
 Good ol' pops. He'd been here recently on a photo hunt so he knew all the great views and landscapes.
...more to come...

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