Pat & Sarah : Married!

These two just tied the knot a few hours ago! Congratulations Pat & Sarah, can't wait for the rest of the day.


Leslie & Jordan : Engaged | Utah Wedding Photography

Les and I grew up together, but we had a different group of friends so we were never very close. We were Granite Grizzlies together in elementary school. I remember watching her from behind the batting cage thinking, man, that girl is so cool. And in Jr High, she stopped me in the hall and asked me how I did my hair, and I thought, "Leslie Miles, asking ME how I do my hair??" Let me tell ya, I was nervous and had to keep from stuttering or saying anything stupid. (...oh gosh, I'm so weird.) Anyway, we never really connected until we saw each other at the singles ward and randomly decided we should move out of our parents homes and move in together. From that point, I discovered she was my mental equal. I could go on and on about the little funny things she did, i.e. I would hear her in the room across from me singing like Ariel in the morning -- still haven't found a better alarm clock to this day. I am so grateful to call her one of my best friends. She has taught me so much and I am blessed to have her in my life. 

I am so excited to share this session with everyone! It was one I've been waiting for for...years. Literally! I was rootin' for these two from the get-go. It was at my parents house about 4 years ago that Leslie received that first phone call from Jordan. I remember she ran off to take the call and sat outside on the front porch.  Who knew that while I was teasing her with my "ooh la la's" that she was getting asked on a first date by her future husband! 

These two are so perfect for each other. I know that's so cliche to say, but it is so true. If you want to know what love is all about, just look at Leslie and Jordan. Their love story is hands down one for the books, and true love most definitely prevails. I could not be more excited for their new life together. Oh and Les, part of that new life will now include married-couples-vacations to your hotel in Vegas...ahem...Love you.