À la prochaine...

So the last post was mostly from my few days in Gordes and Roussillon in Southern France. Our next destination that my dad let me pick was Marseille and then finally, Cassis. My images are definitely not up to par with my dad's landscapes, but I did my best to make him proud (we make a great duo--his thing is landscape photography, mine is portraits).

I absolutely miss this trip. It was one of the greatest adventures I've been on. I loved being somewhere totally new and foreign to me, and it was fun getting some one-on-one bonding time with my poppa.

Thanks again, daddio! Love you!

 This was my lovely get-up every day: Film camera around the neck and digital in hand/on my handy dandy tripod.
Also, above you'll see our quaint little hallway to our room in Roussillon.
 Our view from dinner each night.
 Here we are in good ol' Marseille!
I love all the vibrant colors in these towns!
This man was our entertainment while we enjoyed some delicious french pizza on the patio. 
...kinda reminded me of the kidnapper from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, no?...
 Yes. This is a pile of rubbish (as my husband would call it). Piles of rubbish, everywhere! And some piles were well over 5'2, aka, me! I guess the garbage men were on strike or something.
 We arrived to the beautiful Cassis right around sunset. Perfect golden lighting on the hills!
 I can't get enough of the cute little ally ways.
This is the port where our hotel was.
 This has to be my #1 favorite shot of the entire trip. I think its because this is the only shot that really got to me on an artists level. What I mean is, the story behind this bike is, in a way, inspirational. Its the bike of the artist who works in this building--coincidentally enough, he is also a photographer and this is his photo gallery. He said one day he rode his bike to work, locked it up, and somehow lost the key so he was never able to detach the bike. I guess vines started growing and it completely took over the bicycle. Soon enough, it became a tourist attraction, leaving people to think this was a purposeful piece of artwork. He said a while later that he had found the key to his bike, but decided that this new piece of art was worth more than the bike--being a new popular landmark, it brought in tourists to his gallery and was good for business! I thought it was interesting that the simple act of losing a key created  not only success for his photography, but something beautiful by leaving this bike stationary. Pretty neat! So after hearing this story, I decided to grab my camera from the hotel and snap a shot or two.
Above is the view from our hotel window, and below, our hotel! :)
Can't wait to go back someday!


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  2. So pretty much these are awesome Mari. My favorite is the first one of the cat. The colors are great. the thing i like the most is the cat sitting in the window. I like how it's eyes lead out of the frame. it makes you wonder what it is looking at.