Japanese BBQ

These BBQ's are by far the most delicious BBQ's ever. Its officially called Yakiniku, yaki = grilled, niku = meat. A Grilled Meat Party! If you've never been to one before, let me know and we'll do a Yakiniku party next summer.
My family has thrown a few of these parties and they are always a hit! We had the pleasure of having the Clegg's over and showing them what a Japanese BBQ is all about. If you've yet to experience Yakiniku, do it the right way and join us next summer!
 My cute dog Kuma and Deej get along very well. Maybe its because Deej feeds Kuma grapes...

A Picnic for Two

Who doesn't love a fun picnic on a warm Sunday afternoon?


Scott's Proposal

Two fun things to do the weekend before Halloween:
  1. Golf in the pitch black dark with ridiculously cool glow-in-the-dark golf balls...
  2. ...and get ENGAGED!
This was a really spontaneous shoot. Scott asked my hubs to help out by having him sing and play the guitar right after he proposes on the golf course, and afterwards serenade them with his mad cello skills as they sat on his porch and sipped some hot cocoa (CUTE!). Scott asked his brother to be sitting in the tree with a spotlight so when Emma hits her final shot and bends down and grabs the box that was placed in the hole, they'd be all lit up while Scott proposes. We were planning on this all week, and just a couple hours before it was going to happen, we had the genius idea for me to come along and be the creeper in the trees snapping photos. So I did. 

Deej and I hid behind a nearby tree as we were waiting for the couple. They golfed all the way down to the hole, and holy COW, the anticipation was crazy just seeing them get closer...We couldn't see Scott and Emma, but we would see little green glowing golf balls getting closer and closer to us. They finally got to where they were putting, and Emma made her last shot, bent down and that was our cue. 

Oh, so along with 'photographer', I was the stand-in for DJ's music stand--so picture this: Scott's brother is in the tree straddling a big branch above us holding a huge spotlight on the couple, DJ is in his tux and has his goofy head light on so he can see his music, I'm standing next to him holding the music in one hand for him to read, I've got my Nikon hanging around my neck so with my other hand I guess a focus point, pick up my camera, look through the viewfinder to see its not even close to focused, re-hang my camera and refocus, bring it up to my eye to shoot, still not focused, try again, and thought, "Heck, this is close enough!" and shot away. So these images are definitely not technically perfect, but oh. my. gosh. I was so twitterpated just watching the two love birds! I love those special moments and being able to capture it for them to look back on. 

Congratulations, Emma and Scott! I couldn't be happier for you two. Thanks for letting me and Deej be a part of your special night.