Aria & Ivan : In Love | Utah Wedding Photography

Today's the day, folks! These two are making it officially official.


Conor & Kristen : Engaged | Utah Wedding Photography

Who doesn't love a little sun shower?


Ashley & Kevin : In Love | Utah Portrait Photography

And we were THIS close to out running the stinkin' rain, dang it. But it was definitely fun while it lasted! 


Mylee & Alex : Married! | Utah Wedding Photography

In the midst of all the wedding planning madness, things can be forgotten -- in this case, it was the grand exit sparklers. 

We improvised with an amazing Tunnel of Love.

(Side note: This may have been a blessing in disguise. According to the seamstress, the bride's dress is flammable ... Also, pretty sure the Mother and Father of the Bride are giving her good-luck spanks on the way out. Love it!) 


Mylee & Alex : Married! | Utah Wedding Photography

It's a wedding day!! Mylee and Alex tie the knot today, and I couldn't be more thrilled for their new lives together.


Michal & Michael : Engaged | Utah Wedding Photography

Yes, you read that right. This is Michal and Michael -- pronounced the same. I know, awesome right! Despite the confusion when I tried to direct Michal to look at me and Michael to snuggle...er...wait...
Anyway, it was a beautiful early morning session! They are so cute and in love. I definitely started out my morning on the right foot with these two!


Abby & Steven : Groomals | Utah Wedding Photography

The evening was definitely in our favor for these fancy groomals. Can I get a little more waffle for all this creamy goodness? ...Bad joke. 

...mmm... waffles...

Oh, this first-look was one of the cutest I've witnessed. I wish we had audio.
 His response -- "Yeayuh~!"