Emily & Nick: Groomals

Emily and Nick couldn't be more perfect for each other. You could just feel the sparks flying between these two love birds, thus making my job of capturing their "wuv, twue wuv" a gajillion times easier. And darling Emily was just so giggly it was contagious! I love sessions where my subjects just work, you know? 



Okay, really? First I get to hang out with Pocahontas, and now Emma Stone? I have had too much fun the past few days. 
This shoot was ridiculous--I kept calling her Emma! Geez louiz, talk about doppelganger.
And don't even get me started on her eyes...seriously, don't get me started. Here are just a few from today's session. Enjoy.



Okay little miss Pocahontas. Seriously, Dianne, you're too beautiful!


Meagan & Jeremy

Meagan and I are "Foto Friends". We were in the Photography department together, that is until she abandoned me and moved to Louisiana with her new boy toy.  Due to their situation with being stationed out in Louisiana so soon, Meagan had to plan a last minute wedding and wasn't able to get any formal pictures taken. A little while ago I got a message from her with some great news! I was excited to hear that she was coming back to Utah for a short time to get sealed in the Bountiful Temple. They've been waiting a year for this, and I was absolutely honored to photograph this special time for the two of them. The sealing was beautiful, the day was sunny, and the bride was glowing! I couldn't have asked for a better way to start my Easter Weekend.

We got hungry and made something of it.