...Liz + Dallas...

So this was my first wedding after an apostasy of no shooting--I was too busy trying to graduate from the U, work 3 jobs, get my OWN wedding ready, and pack up all my things to move to Texas for the summer. I flew back to Utah to shoot this and I am so glad I did. This wedding reminded me of why I love my job! The bride was gorgeous, the mountains were beautiful...ah, it is good to be back in the game.
My good friend Conor came along to help get some shots--I have to say these few are pretty creative!

Such an amazing profile--Breath taking, is it not? Shot by my wonderful second shooter, Ashley Gardner.

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  1. Mari, these are lovely! I forgot how much fun we had doing those shots on the bed after we were done getting ready. I'm so excited to get the disc in the mail! :)
    You're the best! Love you girl!