Meet my family!

I rarely do posts about me and my life on this blog, but here's one to start out the new year!

...Introducing the new and improved...

Osterloh Family: 2012 Edition

Meet the head of the fam damily, Momma and Poppa Osterloh. 
Momma works for Delta and gets the family great discounts on traveling! With her Delta vest and pen in hand, she makes the cutest gate agent ever! One of the best things about mom is when thinks something is really funny, she REALLY thinks its funny and won't stop laughing for a while. Even after she's finished laughing, you'll hear sudden spurts of giggles coming from her general direction.
Poppa is the fixer/provider/researcher/tickle monster, and the best one at that! But the best thing he does for his 5 girls is he loves us unconditionally and never stops teasing us (even though it drives us nuts sometimes).
Love you both!
 Meet Mar-mar & Deej. We are married. We like to tease, flirt, and bring out the silly in each other. DJ is my very own Music Man with his cello, guitar, and vocal chords. As for me, I take the pictures.
Meet Kuma-luma. He will follow you all around the house if he's bored. If he eats too much food for dinner, he'll start pacing the living room with a bone in his mouth, whimpering every now and then, and try to walk it off. He likes to sneak string cheese from the fridge, dig a hole in the yard and hide it so we don't steal it.
 The crazy, yet adorable Michanko! She's a rockin' break dancer. She will always play with you when you're lonely, she fake yawns when things get awkward, and apparently she likes to wear her shoes backwards...
 Spachula. She is the Einstein of the family. She's always singing. During dinner when there is no conversation going on, you will hear her start to hum a random tune. Sachi likes to run away from the camera.
 The ever so fashionable Kum-kum. She is crafty. She knitted that orange infinity scarf all by herself. She loves anything beautiful. Anytime I go shopping, I need her approval before I purchase. I am proud that people think I am her twin all the time.

...I know this is late, but better late than never...
Happy 2012 to all, and to all a good night!