Dianne & Jake: Groomals

Here's the rest of the session from little miss luscious lips and her man. Not many can pull off the bold red lipstick look, so Dianne, I envy you.


Kumi & Cam: The Proposal, part 2.

This night was so great, I couldn't leave out the "making-of" pictures. Sarah (the cute blogger from Pretty Providence--check it out, she's got great things to teach you!) was so great to do all the adorable decorating.

 And here is my man, trying to find a good place to be all spy-like while waiting for Cam and Kumi.
Meanwhile, a friendly neighbor decided to stop by and let us all look through his welding mask to watch the Solar Eclipse.

 Now back to the decorating...

 Wheeeeeere's DJ?? Such a great spy--you'd never know, right?
 So funny story. While we were messing around taking pictures and just la-tee-da-ing around, Sarah's phone apparently had a few messages and missed calls from the man of the hour. She looked at the first message which read, "WTF, get in the bushes!"...oh shoot! Right as she read this, we all booked it into the bushes not knowing they had driven by already! So we're all out of breath, our hearts pumping from the adrenaline, and then we see: this!


 So...Cam might have been a little mad at us. First thing he says, "So no offense guys, but ya kinda blew it!" haha Oh dear...but in our defense, we knew to hide by 8:20, and he came like 15 minutes early! Even so, Kumi, being the "blonde" that she is, was completely oblivious to anything. You can read her side of the story HERE.
 Sorry Cam. But you're just as engaged, right? ... :)

(hahaha I love this photo of Kumi--if any of you are America's Next Top Model fans, you'll know this pic. Hint: Jade.)

Thanks again Sarah for being my partner in crime. *Air (inter-web?) high five* 
I love these two so much, and it feels so right. I can't wait for their wedding!