Whitney & Matt: Married! | Utah Wedding Photography

Two of the most genuinely sweet people got married yesterday! I could not be more excited for these two and their new life they are starting together. Whitney's ear-to-ear smile was contagious and did not leave her face the rest of the night! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Marcum!!


Whitney: Bridals | Utah Wedding Photography

Its another wedding day!! I had to wait till today to share these since we were keeping her bridal beauty a secret from her fiancé. It took all I had not to share these early! Whitney is the perfect definition of elegance and grace, and I know her wedding is going to match perfectly. I cannot wait to capture more of this beauty!



FEATURED on Utah Bride Blog | Utah Wedding Photography

I am so honored and thrilled to announce that I've been featured on Utah Bride Blog! Its so exciting to see some of my work on a blog that I use to follow consistently when I was planning my own wedding (Brides: their site is filled to the brim with so much inspiration, you won't know what to do with yourself!).

Thanks again ladies at UBB!! 


Kelsey & Kevin: Married! | Utah Wedding Photography

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade... When life gives your wind, you make hilarious pictures of hair and ties flying everywhere!

My motto this year has been "to work with it, not against it" and I've been able to achieve some of my favorite pictures. At first, we tried holding down the ties and the hair...but the wind wasn't having any of it! Just go with the flow (no pun intended...is that even a pun?).  We did just that and got some of my favorite bridal party pictures. Thank you wind -- I owe you one!


Whitney & Matt: Engaged | Utah Wedding Photography

This Winter Wonderland session seemed a lot cozier watching these two shnooglin'.