Jeff & Caitlin

I had high hopes for this wedding when I walked out the door to head to the temple. I saw blue skies and light fluffy clouds. You could just taste the fresh September air. We got lucky once again!...or so I thought...

I definitely spoke too soon. The wind picked up and blew that beautiful sky away and replaced it with some rain clouds. Bu-uh-mer. Not only was it about to start raining, but everything was pushed back almost 2 hours with some misunderstandings. 'Time crunch' was definitely an understatement for that day. We were lucky enough to get the fam & friends photos, but that's when our luck ran out. Unfortunately we weren't able to get anything of the couple alone because of the downpour, but we kept our heads high and went on to the next rendezvous point--La Caille! Once we arrived, the weather got much better. It was still very overcast and dark, but the rain was nice enough to hold on for a few hours so we could get some shots of the newly weds. Here's a sneek peak at some of my favorites...

Not bad for a rainy day, eh?

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  1. Beautiful work!
    So, when am I going to have you come along with me Miss Mariko?