Natalie & Adam: Engaged | Utah Wedding Photographer

The newest addition to my adorable clients--meet the lovely harpist, Natalie, and the actor slash singer, Adam. (He's been in shows at the Hale Centre Theatre, go check him out!)


Fogging up my viewfinder.

This had to be the most emotional (for me) wedding I've been to all summer. Yes, I get teary eyed most of the time capturing the first dances, but I can keep my composure. This dance--holy cow--totally different story. The lovely Heather Nan asked me to come along for this intimate backyard wedding. I definitely was excited, but I wasn't expecting too much drama knowing it was going to be a smaller crowd. So there I was, snapping away during the daddy-daughter dance, and Heather sneaks up behind me and tells me she'll get the daddy & daughter, and I'll focus in on mom instead of the bride. I did a slight refocus, and BING! That's when the floods began. I had such a soft spot during that dance because I know my own mother and her family went through a lot when she decided to marry an American and move away from the only life she knew in Japan. ...Seriously though, tears were streaming the entire rest of the song. I love weddings! And thanks again, Heather, its always a pleasure :) 


Kumiko & Cam: One more day.

Gettin' hitched tomorrow! 


Natalie & David: Salt Lake City Temple

Even on a chaotic temple day as yesterday, its so refreshing when the couple can forget the stress and keep things fun! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. David Johnson, love you guys :) 


Jasmine & James: Groomals

Yep, its these two again! But honestly, could you ever get tired of looking at their adorable in-love faces? Never! 


My new friend, Q! : Preview

Such a fun way to spend a fabulous summer evening in the mountains. 
I absolutely LOVE this family!

Kumi & Cam: Engaged

Like I said, slowly but surely, I am catching up! I had to get this post up before these two officially tie the knot. They have a little under 2 weeks, holy cow...I cannot believe we are down to the wire already! 
Strolling around for a day with Kumi and Cam was too much fun. We couldn't really decide on one theme for location, so we thought we'd try a little of everything. And that, my friends, is the beauty of living in Utah--so many choices! 
My little sissy is getting marrieeeed :) 

 Can you paint with all the colors of the wind? :) Am I right, or am I right?