Little Man Luke | Utah Portrait Photography

A quick little preview of who I got to meet today.


The Harmer Kiddies | Utah Family Photography

My most recent shoot consisted of these adorables. Oh, and the poses were all them. My personal favorite has to be the smolder on little David's face. Watch out girls, he's a heart breaker.


Dianne & Jake: Wedding Day | Utah Wedding Photography

My goal for this year (my first official year of being in the wedding industry) was to get at least 4 or 5 weddings since I am still working full time at the restaurant. I'm happy to say I met my goal and even doubled it! Plus, I got to second shoot on a few more weddings on top of that for a couple of my good photog friends which was such a blast -- Shout out to Heather Nan and Sarah Knight for having enough faith in me to not screw up your second shooter shots! I definitely feel good enough to toot my own horn right now...I am pretty dang proud of myself!
So here is one of my first weddings from the year's crazy wedding season. This lovely couple was one of my absolute favorites. Dianne is such a sweet, selfless, beautiful girl. She and Jake were such a charm to work with. She is an artist and photographer as well, so when it came to her wedding, she planned everything around photography making sure all the events had great lighting (thank you!!). Made my job 100 times easier. I'm so grateful for clients like Dianne who appreciate the importance of photography -- this wedding was a perfect reminder of why I love what I do! (Also, thanks to mister Conor Barry for helping capture some great moments.)