Kumiko & Cam: Groomals

Another stunner from last night. The sunset worked very much in our favor!

Kumiko & Cam: Groomals

One of many tender moments from tonight's session.


Jasmine & James: Engaged

This is old news, but it has been a very busy summer and I haven't been able to keep up with myself. But as always, better late than never, right? These two were so fun to put in front of the camera. Pure laughter the entire time--makes my job way too easy!


Jessica & Daniel: Moab, Utah Wedding Photographer

Finally! Its about time I put up an entire post. Thinking about all the catching up I have to do is a little depressing. ...On the up side, slowly but surely, my To-Post list is getting smaller and smaller. So here's to another post--One down, many more to go!