Kumi & Cam: Engaged

Like I said, slowly but surely, I am catching up! I had to get this post up before these two officially tie the knot. They have a little under 2 weeks, holy cow...I cannot believe we are down to the wire already! 
Strolling around for a day with Kumi and Cam was too much fun. We couldn't really decide on one theme for location, so we thought we'd try a little of everything. And that, my friends, is the beauty of living in Utah--so many choices! 
My little sissy is getting marrieeeed :) 

 Can you paint with all the colors of the wind? :) Am I right, or am I right?


  1. Yaaaay! These are amazing. So excited for the big day!!

  2. so so so so cute mari good work you really are talented!! :)