Fogging up my viewfinder.

This had to be the most emotional (for me) wedding I've been to all summer. Yes, I get teary eyed most of the time capturing the first dances, but I can keep my composure. This dance--holy cow--totally different story. The lovely Heather Nan asked me to come along for this intimate backyard wedding. I definitely was excited, but I wasn't expecting too much drama knowing it was going to be a smaller crowd. So there I was, snapping away during the daddy-daughter dance, and Heather sneaks up behind me and tells me she'll get the daddy & daughter, and I'll focus in on mom instead of the bride. I did a slight refocus, and BING! That's when the floods began. I had such a soft spot during that dance because I know my own mother and her family went through a lot when she decided to marry an American and move away from the only life she knew in Japan. ...Seriously though, tears were streaming the entire rest of the song. I love weddings! And thanks again, Heather, its always a pleasure :) 


  1. WOW...you captured exactly what you expressed. Your eye and heart are one.

  2. So gorgeous Mari!!! I'm loving these. This is how I felt watching you dance with your Dad. Tears.