Jasmine & James: Wedding Day | Utah Wedding Photography

Booyah! Not even noon yet and I finished an entire wedding. Maybe I should wake up early more often.
I'm so excited to share a full wedding post today! Its been a long time since I've posted one of these suckers. Its a lot of work I tell ya! 
This wedding is kind of a bitter-sweet memory for me. ...I misplaced quite a bit of gear and still to this day don't know if it was stolen or if I simply got caught up in the hype of things and forgot it (I'm kind of hoping it was stolen because then I could stop worrying that its just sitting somewhere waiting for me...*wishful thinking*). But I've let that fact cancel out because these cute kids were one of my favorite couples. Jasmine and James were a charm to work from the very start.
**Shout out to Sarah Knight for second shooting and being my partner-in-crime!**
Oh how I love this job!   


  1. Awesome wedding photos collection very natural and sharp images here, i also like your collection very much. Please keep it up........

  2. Beautiful job, Mari! Love these!

    1. Thanks girl! That means a lot coming from you :)